Spending most of your time managing the day-by-day operations of the business instead of following a strategic plan where you’ve set a clear vision for what success looks like? Could you use outside perspective and the firepower of a seasoned marketing leader with P&L experience to help move your business forward?

If you answered 'yes', let's talk. I can help.

You probably need a North Star. A North Star creates a clear path to sustained business growth. Having that critical point of reference ensures that
  • your brand is relevant and can support growth aspirations,
  • your corporate culture is undeniably committed to your customer and customer understanding is used to validate use cases and insights which will fuel growth, and
  • your marketing team is set up to achieve success through clear priorities, strategies and staffing.
A North Star defines your customer’s —and your company's— future.
Working with Tricia Montgomery, your company will map out goals and the incremental steps to get there. Your North Star will be the compass that keeps your team on track and helps ensure they achieve success.

"Tricia asks the right questions and responds with an answer and a plan."

Reach out to Tricia to learn more about cutting a clear road for sustainable success.