Tricia has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies as well as ambitious startups and well-established mature companies to deliver outstanding business results through a clear North Star, deep customer understanding, a relevant brand and a high-performing marketing team. 

Some highlights from her career:

With the growth of specialty coffee in traditional grocery channels and an increasing emphasis on new beverage innovation, the packaged coffee category in Starbucks stores was a declining business which also required significant resources to manage. In addition, customers reported significant confusion around how to choose the ‘right’ coffee for their taste. Tricia conducted a deep dive into the business performance and packaging strategy leading to a new North Star and corresponding strategies for the business. New merchandising, communications and partner training of a refined sku-lineup contributed to 100% growth in two years and $20MM in savings annually.
As other companies had out-innovated Microsoft and gained appeal with younger consumers, Microsoft was at risk for becoming irrelevant and unable to achieve business goals. Through in-depth evaluation of the brand using qualitative and quantitative data amongst five strategic targets, issues and opportunities were identified and a go-forward brand strategy was developed. Tricia co-authored a brand manifesto which made the case for and clarified a North Star. This manifesto was socialized and deployed across the company and was recognized by the CMO as the basis for Microsoft's new brand identity and 'One Microsoft' concept, rolled out 18 months later.
As an early startup, Smilebox was focused on delivering a creative and easy way to share photos. However, they did not have a cohesive vision which would unify priority-setting, technology development, and marketing efforts. Tricia led the work to complete extensive competitive analysis and qualitative research amongst customers, leading to in-depth quantitative research and the development of a North Star and differentiated brand strategy. In working with company leadership, Tricia deployed the strategy across the company uniting employees around a common purpose and universal view of success with the customer at the forefront. A new, more relevant brand strategy formed the basis for a new website and refresh of client application and resulted in significantly exceeding success metrics. Realignment of marketing strategies, team roles & responsibilities resulted in greater productivity and efficiency within the marketing function.
As a mature brand, Coinstar’s growth had stagnated and the business needed a North Star which would pave the way for new revenue, leadership alignment and a refreshed corporate culture. Putting the customer at the forefront and uncovering new insights helped solidify a North Star for the business. Subsequently, brand positioning was evolved to be more emotional and relevant for the customer, and more inspiring for the teams charged with innovation and new product development. With cross-functional commitment to the North Star, the business delivered record revenue and profit for 3 consecutive years and launched a new service in an adjacent category. The North Star also provided clarity of purpose and paved the way for launches into new international countries and a successful sale to private equity. With a more relevant brand strategy and realigned team, marketing created strategies which drove 56% growth in consumer engagement, 24% increase in website visits and 4% volume lift.
Whitman College
Tricia was asked by the President of the College to lead a group which was charged with determining whether the College's existing brand/mascot was still appropriate for the college and, if not, what an appropriate mascot would be. Tricia devised an inclusive process to ensure perspectives were heard from a broad group of constituents. Qualitative and quantitative research amongst over 10.000 alumni, students, staff and administration revealed that the mascot was largely controversial and created divisiveness amongst the Whitman community. With the first question answered, Tricia led the development of additional research to identify a new mascot. Whitman College unveiled its new mascot, the Whitman Blues, in early 2017 and received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the process and outcome.
To address external confusion and internal culture issues, the CEO of Coinstar, Inc. sought to rebrand the corporation and assembled a team of 5 to take on this audacious goal. As the sole marketer on the team, Tricia led the RFP process to select an agency partner and coached the internal team on brand strategy, design and execution as they progressed through the rebranding journey. A name was selected, a visual identity created which would cross all internal and external touchpoints and the Outerwall brand was launched by ringing the bell at NASDAQ in July, 2013.
A Leadership Team within a Global Retail Company
This team had been charged bringing a vision to life that had never been done before at this 50-year old company. They achieved tremendous success and publicity in their launch year. Heading into year two, the leader sought to establish alignment, cohesion and a clear vision amongst the team that could be shared with the broader organization and key internal stakeholders. Tricia designed and facilitated two interactive sessions that allowed the team to identify success factors and objectives for the future, and clearly define how they’d reach their North Star, paving the way for continued success and impact in Year 2.
Bounce Fabric Softener
A stagnant brand in a mature category with clear and owned positioning relative to 'static', Tricia led work to identify opportunities for growth. She conducted in-depth research amongst consumers as to existing uses and benefits, leading to the identification of a broader, more relevant positioning. This new North Star set strategic direction for the brand's future marketing strategies, advertising and technology pipeline and was the basis for a consumption building campaign that drove 3% incremental volume.

“She leads with a steady hand and always approaches challenges with a thoughtful lens and broad view.”

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