“Tricia brought a unique level of passion, commitment and accountability that I hadn't experienced previously with consultants. Many just checked the boxes and moved on, but Tricia was different and left a tangible, lasting impact.”

President and COO, industry leading electric bike company

Tricia joined our high growth company in a head of brand and marketing role at a time of complete chaos.  Despite the chaos around her, from day 1 Tricia was a calm, steady force and leading the team through challenging times.  At every interaction she showed up as confident and knowledgeable, but also empathetic and compassionate.  She was always focused on the right things, and always did her best to balance the needs of the team she was leading and the needs of the business as a whole.  I truly appreciate the time I spent working alongside Tricia and would recommend her expertise to anyone.

Vice President Digital, industry leading electric bike company

“Her focus on creating a high performing team with a customer centric culture was critical in driving for results and exceeding goals.”

Vice President Marketing, a real estate services startup

“Tricia did a magnificent job of bringing the group together, developing an inclusive and transparent process, and seeing that process through to a great conclusion. The work required her marketing and branding skills in addition to great leadership, tact, diplomacy, and a firm hand. Tricia brought all of that to this important project.”

President, Whitman College

“She is a fearless agent for change that knows how to bring the best out of organizations and individuals.”

Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, a telecommunications company

“Tricia has a unique and valuable combination of skills in her ability to envision what is possible, yet be very grounded in the immediate business needs and deliverables.”

Director, Brand Management, a large packaged goods company

“Tricia is extremely approachable, which makes for easy conversations with her as a strong thought partner along any journey. Her detail orientation shines through in lots of different situations. She's got a natural curiosity and a wealth of experience – an extremely valuable asset to any industry leader.”

Director, a large coffee company

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