With a broad background across multiple industries, Tricia has seen firsthand that the most successful companies proactively and deliberately devote time to define their future success. They have a clear North Star that guides everything they do and also recognize that a strategic approach to marketing ensures go-to-market plans are effective and efficient.

Tricia works with CEOs, executive leaders, venture capitalists and equity investors seeking accelerated growth and expanded market share. She helps them identify or re-establish their company’s core purpose to unite stakeholders and create a guide for decision-making.
Retail, packaged goods, technology; B2B or B2C – all require the same analytical framework and strategic approach for reaching success.

Tricia’s Strengths

Generating Deep Customer Understanding to inform company purpose, guide decision making and ensure growth initiatives are grounded in customer insight

Articulating a Clear and Actionable North Star for the organization – a vision for the future with well-defined goals and strategies to achieve it

Developing Brand, Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategies that are in alignment with the company’s North Star and customer understanding - and which deliver growth

Ways to Engage with Tricia

Tricia’s engagements range from fast, high-level and quick-impact advisory sessions to deeper and sustained consulting as an outsourced CMO, depending on her clients’ needs.
Strategy Assessment: High-level assessment of an organization's stated purpose, customer understanding and alignment with brand/marketing strategies

Outcomes: Delivery of 3-5 high-impact recommendations
Leadership Workshop: Facilitation of full-day interactive session with company leaders to hone North Star by clarifying customer insights, identifying opportunities and making clear choices

Outcomes: Leadership collaboration and alignment around Company purpose, priorities and goals which pave the way for flawless execution of growth initiatives
North Star Development/Strategic Planning: Assessment of current state, competitive landscape, growth opportunities and internal capabilities to identify or refine a clear purpose and define the strategies required to achieve it

Outcomes: Clarity across the organization in terms of purpose, priorities and individual roles in achieving goals
Comprehensive Marketing Strategy – May follow North Star work sequentially or conducted independently. Work focuses on ensuring marketing function has well-defined brand, customer and marketing strategies along with solid go-to-market plans and clear metrics

Outcomes: Dependent upon scope but could include
  • Validation of brand strategy to ensure it is sufficient to support growth aspirations and inform product & marketing decisions;
  • Deepening of customer understanding to identify customer segments, use cases and relevant insights which will fuel growth and uncover unique benefits which drive sales;
  • Development of marketing priorities, strategies and staffing plan to support North Star; repositioning vs. competitors and developing differentiated messaging for communications
CEO or Executive Advisory – Regular, ongoing sessions for consultation, brainstorming, sounding board, outside perspective, advice.

Outcomes: Greater confidence/clarity in decision making, new insights, validation, accountability.

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“Her focus on creating a high performing team with a customer centric culture was critical in driving for results and exceeding goals.”

Learn more about this proven approach when you meet with Tricia. Together, you will explore how having a North Star will benefit your company.